Kristy Tsang

Dragon 100 - 2011

President's Message

On behalf of the 2020’s 12th Executive Committee of DragoNation, I would like to extend our warm welcome to all of you!

It is my great honour and privilege to be elected as the 2020 President of DragoNation. It provides me with an excellent opportunity to serve Dragons in the year of 2020.

The DragoNation, Asia’s Global Alumni Association of Dragons, is devoted to delivering social impacts through global presence, sustainable Dragons’ networks and committed to Chinese culture. As a member of the DragoNation, named as “Dragon(s)”, all of us are dedicated to empowering ourselves and contributing to the society.

“Dragon Homebound” is the theme of the year, which we celebrate the 20th anniversary of Dragon Foundation. We would like to bring Dragons back home to the Dragons family to create IDEAS. We endeavour to unite and engage Dragons to seize the opportunities offered on this platform to enrich ourselves and self-improvement. Being Dragons, we will have the chance to participate in DragoNation Day, #DragonConnect, #Dragoninmotion, #MakelittleBig locally and internationally; to engage with local community; to organise and join social and Chinese culture events; and many more.

Core Values – IDEAS             
To emphasis our core values for Dragons, as follows:

Integrity: Fidelity to our mission and a strong and confident belief in DragoNation, honest communication, ethical behaviour, and accountability for words and deeds are expected from all members of the DragoNation.

Diversity: A broad diversity of people and ideas are welcome at DragoNation to deepen our social impact in a Chinese community.

Excellence: Exclusive platform for excellent Dragons is created for the Dragon Foundation program delegates.

Adventure: Life was meant for great friends and great adventure, so as DragoNation.

: DragoNation infuses sustainability throughout its connecting Dragons via global networks, assisting Dragon Foundation programs, and initiating the Dragons movements and contribution.

2020 Challenge with COVID-19

As the COVID-19 situation continues to escalate globally, we are experiencing unprecedented difficult times. While this is a very challenging situation, we wish all of you could stay home, stay safe and stay connected with Dragons all over the world. DragoNation will provide various supports and connect across different countries with our Dragons.

「不忘初心,方得始終。」- ” The very beginning mind itself is the most accomplished mind of true enlightenment.”

We believe that, following our heart and providing continuous support to Dragons and Dragon Foundation, and the desire homebound to Dragons and Chinese, the future is in our hands.

Kristy Tsang (DingDing)
2020 President
12th DragoNation