CHENG Hui Kiu, Kelly

Dragon 100 - 2018

President's Message

Dear fellow Dragons,

It is my honour to serve as the President of DragoNation 2022. Since Dragon 100 2018, I have been part of this big family for three years, serving in various capacities and getting involved in many meaningful and innovative projects. I enjoy and cherish every moment in this amazing place where I can grow with and learn from many friendly Chinese talents from all over the world. 

In the coming term, we wish to bring new insights to DragoNation under this theme, “REDEFINE: RECONNECTION to REDISCOVERY”. As a unique organisation with a leading global Chinese network, we aim at achieving the followings:

  • First, under the impacts of COVID-19, to REDEFINE DragoNation’s bond with different NGOs, corporates and public sectors for serving our community.
  • Second, to RECONNECT our  local and international Dragons in order to extend our global reach.
  • Third, to REDISCOVER programmes to create synergies among Dragons to serve the society at large.

Together, we shall make DragoNation stronger in serving our society better. Let us redefine, reconnect and rediscover together in the DragoNation at this critical moment of humanity. 

CHENG Hui Kiu, Kelly

2022 President