Stepping into the new year – 2021, we first of all wish to express our love and blessings to all of you, and a fruitful year ahead! More importantly, please stay healthy & happy as always.

We understand that 2020 was not an easy year and 2021 would be a challenging year too. To kick-start the new year, we hope to engage and re-unite our Dragons all over the world by spreading our blessing.

DragoNation is passing our blessings to the world! Our first event in 2021 would be “DN Red Packet Blessing Campaign”. All of you are very welcome to join the Campaign to get your 5 DragoNation Red Packets for FREE to share blessings with your families and friends.

Details of the Blessing Campaign:

  • Deadline of Payment: 24 January 2021 (Sunday)
  • Expected Delivery Date: 27 January 2021 (Wednesday)
  • Payment Method: By Paypal
  • Designer: Corrine Ku Chi-Chun (辜琪鈞) (Dragon 2018)

If you have any queries, please feel free to contact International Affairs Director, Michael Yung by email:, WhatsApp: +852 6620 0912 or WeChat: michaelyung_hk.


  • All the payments will be contributed to DragoNation.
  • All DragoNation Red Packets given/sold are not returnable and refundable.

Q.1 How can I get the DragoNation red packets for FREE?

Just follow the 4 steps below and you can easily receive our beautiful red packets!!!

Step 1. Take a video with any Dragon object/image saying, “Dragons’ Blessings! I am XXX (i.e. Your Name). Wish you a Happy New Year (or other blessings)!”. The video will be subject to further edits so as to send our blessings to the world during Chinese New Year.

Step 2. Register below to claim or purchase more DragoNation Red Packets.

Step 3. Post the video and copy all texts below including hashtags to post on your Facebook/WeChat. Share your posts and set your post as “Public” to send blessings to the world.

#DragoNation #DragonInMotion #MakeLittleBig #DragonConnect #COVIDfree21 #DragonFoundation #HKFYG #EnvisionBeyondNewNorms

Q.2 When is the deadline of registration?

The registration form will close at the end of January. If you want to receive the red packet before 12 Feb 2021 (Friday), we suggest all overseas Dragons register on or before 15 January 2021 (Friday), so we would have sufficient time to process your request.*

*Due to COVID-19,  delivery may be delayed, depending on local delivery service. DragoNation shall not be responsible for any delay. Please note that for any registration/order placed after 15 January 2021 (Friday), the red packets may not be sent to you before Chinese New Year (12 Feb 2021).

Q.3 How to order extra red packets for sharing blessings?

By indicating your preference in the registration form below, you can purchase extra red packets. All the payments will be contributed to the operating expenses of DragoNation.

Q.4 When can I receive the DragoNation red packets?

We will process and deliver the DragoNation Red Packets after we receive your Google form and payment. All the stated delivery dates are just an estimate and are not guaranteed. The arrival time may vary due to the different situations in different countries or regions. If you have not received your order within the estimated delivery time, please contact us so that we may help locate your order.

Red Packets design
Red Packets package
About our designer
Red Packets design

Red Packets package

5 (free of charge)

5 + 15 additional packets (30 HKD)

5 +15+15 additional packets (40 HKD)

About our designer

「東方元素,自然本質。」當代藝術家辜琪鈞 (Dragon 2018),專攻書畫藝術創作,內容包括書法、水墨、篆刻,膠彩等。每一種絢麗的顏色皆為手工製作,創作出最有大地質感的藝術品。

曾任國防部新青溪文藝金環獎評審, 國立台灣藝術大學美術學院書畫藝術學系學士、國立台中教育大學美術理論研究所碩士 ,2018年獲得中國北京大學匯豐商學院HSBC創新創業EDP program結業,曾任國立台藝大產學合作學生實習評委,台大研助,私立葳格高中國際部教師,私立華盛頓國際雙語學校教師,私立興國高中跨領域美學教師、風格藝術沙龍總監,現任為中華亞洲創新發展暨創業協會 藝術美學主委,視盟與藝創工會會員,兩岸國際書畫教育交流協會會員,並於2018年入選香港龍傳基金全球百大華人青年 Dragon100(當年度台灣入選者共七名)。

作品收藏和展出於多國:法國巴黎羅浮宮,中國北京,日本東京,中國上海,福州,洛杉磯,韓國釜山,台灣各地藝術博覽會,作品風格趨向東方哲學主義。 2016.2017年與統一美研社出花茶藝術家聯名系列產品,也為韓國三星新機邀請示範之藝術家,美國潮牌Kruzin合作藝術家,台灣鐵路局太魯閣普悠瑪號合作藝術家,TOYOTA RAV4廣告合作題字,高雄中華賓士旗艦店,AMGGT系列騎士名品會也邀請其展出,為推廣東方美學不遺餘力。

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