Recent Activities

  • Dragon K-Farm Urban Farm Tour
    Dragon K-Farm Urban Farm Tour This is our first tour to K-FARM would be the first urban farm in Hong Kong incorporating hydroponics, aquaponics and organic farming systems.  Dragons visit several facilities in K-Farm such as “The Aqua”, “Sky mirror “, “Organic Garden” and “Hydroponic Garden”. It is a good chance for Dragons to enjoy […]
  • DragoNation Day 2021 – Leadership in New Normal
    DragoNation Day 2021 was successfully held on 29 May 2021 (Saturday). We hope you enjoyed meeting our honourable guests, Dragons, and friends on this special occasion – this is the first time that we organized a hybrid mode of DragoNation Day to engage, interact and learn from Dragons and guests from over 10 countries and […]
  • DN Red Packet Blessing Campaign
    We are happy to announce that over 750 Red Packets have been sent out to Dragons before Chinese New Year.  Don’t forget to take a photo and share your feedback to us when you receive them!
  • Mindfulness Tour – Tsz Shan Monastery
    This is our first ever mindfulness tour led by our committee members to Tsz Shan Monastery. Dragons underwent various mindfulness practices, including walking meditation, water offering and Zen calligraphy. What a good spiritual retreat during weekend!
  • Historical Hiking Tour – The Dragon Boat Water Parade of Tai O
    In this tour, our Dragons enjoyed the beauty of nature and explored the history of Tai O – we hiked from Tung Chung to Tai O in the morning, then attended a cultural tour led by our committee members to gain a deeper understanding about the history of Dragon Boat Water Parade and Tai O.
  • 120-min ZOOM DragoNation Day
    We successfully held our first GLOBAL ZOOM event – DragoNation 12th Anniversary on 30 May 2020 (Saturday). Dragons from different parts of the world joined us via Zoom and connect us DragonLove. Together with the support from Dragon Foundation for Dragon CareAction and Phoenix Foundation for Rise At Home live events ahead, DragoNation wishes to […]
  • DragonCare Action: Mask Distribution
    From April to June 2020, Dragon Foundation partnered with DragoNation to deliver the disinfectant packs for over hundreds of elders and families in different districts, fighting against COVID-19 together. It is always  wonderful and amazing to serve the community!
  • Dragons Love Mom
    The Dragon Foundation held the “Dragons Love Mom” online concert on Mother’s Day (10 May 2020) at the Peak Galleria. During the event, Dragons, different artists and athletes spread the message of love by giving singing performances. Dragons “are the ones who make a brighter day, so let’s start giving”! Dragons are happy to take […]
  • Dragon Boat Race 2019
    DragoNation has relaunched its Dragon Boat team in Tung Ng Festival. The team successfully achieved its target and ranked the 5th this year. Special mention and thanks goes to William Yuen (D2016), our team leader and Ms Mandy Tung, Project Manager of The Dragon Foundation, for organising the training and race participation. 
  • HKFYG Neighbourhood First Reunion Lunch 2019
    The HKFYG Neighbourhood First Reunion Lunch was held in Eastern District on 26 January 2019. Our Dragons alumni volunteered in the event as the MC and calligraphers spreading the joy and greeting of Lunar Chinese New Year.
  • Dragon Dialogue with Leaders – Meeting with Mr. Nick Ip
    DragonNation was honoured to be invited by Mr. Nick Ip to visit the Creation TV studio in Kwun Tong. We were delighted to listen to Mr Ip’s sharing on crisis management and his valuable experience in media industry. We were truly thankful for this valuable opportunity, and we gained inspiration about how to face challenges […]
  • Mooncake Workshop cum Mid-autumn Reunion 2018
    To celebrate Mid-autumn festival, snow skin mooncake workshop at a party room with BBQ, karaoke, mahjong and board game facilities was organised. This provided a reunion opportunity to Hong Kong-based Dragons. 
  • Dragon Reunion Trip
    To connect Malaysian and Taiwanese Dragons, get inspired from them and develop a relationship with major youth organisations over different places, we organised these overseas trips. Throughout a few days of stay, idea exchange sessions at Kuala Lumpur Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall with various outstanding youth organisations – 隆雪華青、JCI 國際青年商 會(吉隆坡)、馬來西亞宗鄉青聯合總會、馬來西亞大專青年聯會、馬 來西亞中國留學生聯合會 as well as […]
  • Dragon Boat Race 2018
    DragoNation has relaunched its Dragon Boat team 10 years after the first Dragon Boat team. The team successfully achieved its target. Special mention and thanks goes to the 2018 Vice President Kristy Tsang, other Office Bearers and The Dragon Foundation Project Manager Mandy Tung for organizing the training and race participation.
  • Dragon Dialogue with Leaders – Mr. Jeff Sze
    DragonNation was honoured to be invited by Mr. Jeff Sze to discuss about local education issues including teaching and learning of DSE Liberal Studies, STEM education, career planning, social mobility of the underprivileged students, and vocational training. We expressed our views and opinion towards the existing education system. Mr. Sze also shared his very in-depth […]
  • DragoNation 10th Anniversary Annual Gala Dinner
    DragoNation celebrated its 10th anniversary in Hong Kong with an Annual Gala Dinner on 26 May 2018 at Harbour Grand Kowloon, followed by a Global Youth Forum on 27 May 2018 co-organised by and held at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Our theme in 2018 is “Vision 2030 – The Role of Young Chinese Leaders […]