Mark Andrew Suntay and Lucille Liu’s visits to Hong Kong

Mark Andrew Suntay and Lucille Liu’s visits to Hong Kong

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Mark Andrew Suntay, an Alumni of D100 2006 from the Philippines, visited Hong Kong for a holiday trip in June. After 6 years without seeing his dragon friends, Mark finally met up with his assistant coordinator, Kelvin Lai, from that year and shared a nice tea gathering together without disturbing by the typhoon. Moreover, he also managed to watch the fireworks cerebration for the HKSAR 15th anniversary.

Mark is now working in the Television Broadcasting industry in the Philippines focusing on marketing issues. According to Mark, there are beaches with nice weather throughout almost the whole year in the Philippines and he would like to welcome the dragons to visit him and would volunteer to be the tour guide for us!!!

Lucille Liu, an Alumni of D100 2011 from Canada, had a short visit to Hong Kong in mid July.  She has done with her master in Journalism in Tsinghua University and is now entering the media industry in Beijing.  During her visit, Luci tried Malaysian Satay for her very first time as well as meeting up with some of the dragons from 2011 including her coordinator, Kaylie Wong. Kaylie and Luci actually went on a trip to Mongolia together after the D100 program 2011 and had a fantastic experience over there. They shared with the group of stories from Mongolia and cultural difference.

If you are visiting Hong Kong or hosting gathering with the dragons in different countries, please do let us know!!! We want to listen to your stories!!!!


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