[DragoNation Leadership Sharing Series] Conversation with CEOs

[DragoNation Leadership Sharing Series] Conversation with CEOs

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DragoNation had the honour to invite the Co-founder & CEO of GoGoVan Steven Lam and our Dragon friend, Founder & CEO of Pacific Founder and Pacific Pay Louis Li(GC2006) to come and share their successful entrepreneurial experience with us on Nov 30.

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Execution: The Golden Rule
It was such an exclusive evening with the entrepreneurs! We have gained a lot of insightful advice from Steven and Louis. The two had shared with us their moving start-up stories, from sniffing out opportunities, tackling problems to branding and expanding, So sharp, so bold and unconventional. It is truly thought provoking.

If you have ever thought of your business ideas and want to be your own boss, come and learn from the successful stories. Will you be the next Red Herring?

Reported by Krizto Chan (D100-2011)

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