DragoNation’s CNY Feast 2018 cum Global Mentorship Program Kickoff

DragoNation’s CNY Feast 2018 cum Global Mentorship Program Kickoff

DragoNation’s CNY Feast 2018 cum Global Mentorship Program Kickoff is successfully held on 3 March 2018.

In recent year, DragoNation has been developing a sustainable platform – from self-learning to social contribution, upolding the spirit of ‘Dragons Inspires Dragons’. DragoNation Mentorship Programme was introduced in 2015 and each year, at least 30 pairs of mentors and mentees were successfully matched in Hong Kong. Through the program, mentees will be inspired by expertise’s life experience and collaborative ideas; they will develop skills across communication, leadership, stakeholder management, and establish a trusted relationship with their mentors. This year, our committee initiate the service expansion to a global level.

DragoNation Committee express our greatest gratitude to the attendance of our Guest of Honors:
Ms. Jade Lai, Political Assistant, HKSARG Home Affairs Bureau
Dr. Hubert Chan JP, Chairman and CEO, Hong Kong Communications Co. Ltd. 
Ms. Junia Ho, JP , Programme and Fund Raising Committee, DF
Ms, Mandy Tung, Project Manager, The Dragon Foundation 

Special thanks to our 18 distinguished mentors’ and over 50 global mentees’ committment and support! We wish all dragons may cherish the opportunity and keep in touch with mentors in the following days. Wish dragons Happy Year of the Dog!

The success of the project come from a devoted Organising Committee: Erica Tam, Emily Yeung, Bobo Ng, Pheobe Ying, Ricky Szeto, Shirley Ko, William Yuen,Angie Ho, Zeith Lo, Thomas Ng, Queenie Chung and all chapter representatives.

More photos: https://www.facebook.com/dragonationhk/

Welcome you may join us as one of Dragon Mentors or Mentee next year.

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