DragoNation X Feeding Hong Kong – Bread Run

DragoNation X Feeding Hong Kong – Bread Run

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DragoNation is proud to have partnered with Feeding Hong Kong for a Bread Run on 5th May, 2015 whereby 16 volunteers visited bakeries across Hong Kong to pick up and deliver unsold bread to a food bank.

In the Bread Run, we fought against hunger and food waste with our feet! We VISITED bread shops with your friends, PICKED UP the bread, sandwiches and salads surplus, and RAN to the warehouse of Feeding Hong Kong. The bread shops surplus would typically be thrown away by the bakeries if otherwise. All the bread collected will go towards the “The Feeding Hong Kong Breakfast Club” in order to support their program of providing breakfast at schools to children that otherwise may not be able to get breakfast.

Our volunteers have successfully rescued 176 pieces bread from 13 stores around Hong Kong. The bread was delivered to 7 charities first thing the next morning.

The volunteers had so much fun on the day while participating this charity event. Come and join us for the next run!

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