DragoNation Spring Dinner 2013

DragoNation Spring Dinner 2013

It’s been a year since we had our spring dinner in Sai Kung.

This year we had the DragoNation spring dinner in the New Dragon Foundation office in Sheung Wan. The tradition Poon Choi filled our stomach well and the dragons had fun meeting each other in the new year of snake. The Dragon Foundation office has expanded and shared the same with the Youth Exchange department of HKFYG which hopefully could possible bring in more synergy in the future.

“I am amazed by the work of this organization and the alumni group. And the Chinese food and culture are very interesting too, wish i could come back again soon.” Amber (friend of Dragon from the US) said.

We also cerebrated Amy’s (staff of Dragon Foundation) birthday on the day and we all appreciate Amy’s work over the many years serving in the Foundation.

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