DragoNation Reunion with Ms. Shelley Lee in Singapore

DragoNation Reunion with Ms. Shelley Lee in Singapore

We have a big Dragon family in Singapore! We’re touched to see Dragons from year 2004-2015 in this occasion. The Singapore chapter is now officially kicked off by our founding director Ms. Shelley Lee.

On 12 December 2015, the DragNation Singapore Chapter has organised a reunion dinner in Chatter box of Mandarin Orchard Hotel. This was the first and foremost official trip for the Dragon Foundation to visit our overseas Dragons! A record number of 30 Dragons were in attendance. Dragons had the chance to meet our founding director of the Dragon Foundation, Ms. Shelley Lee Lai Kuen, GBS, OBE, JP, as well as renewing old acquaintances.  It was also an opportunity to introduce our Chapter representatives, Mr. Bryan Sng (D100-2014) and Mr. Leon Toh (D100-2015).

Ms. Sindy Leung, the President of DragoNation 2014-2016, flew from Hong Kong to host this momentous event and gave a speech to kick off the officiation.

“Thank you to all attending this event out of your busy schedule in December. It’s a wonderful feeling to be able to meet old friends and program-mates again especially outside Hong Kong”. She then introduced a very important person – Ms. Shelley Lee who founded this program and hence we were there to re-unite. Shelley expressed her excitement noticing that a record-breaking attendance had been achieved at the reunion dinner, “It is extremely rewarding to meet with our alumni and get to hear their professional journeys, achievements and experiences”.

The Dragons in attendance came from a broad range of programs and years – the most senior participant was Ms. Janet Siu (GC-2004), while there were also 6 fresh joiners from Dragon 100 2015. Many of them expressed their pride participating in Dragon 100 and had taken active steps to spread the word about the program on social media and in international networks. “China, in the recent years, is encouraging its talents to flourish in the entrepreneurial area, therefore, the Dragon 100 program provides a wonderful platform for us to benefit from the extensive networks and experience, as well as to bring countries closer through business”, agreed by most of the Dragons. Both Leon and Bryan, as well as first Dragon of the Month from Singapore Mr. Eng Tat Khoo, were acknowledged for their enthusiasm promoting our programmes to various parties. The dinner was so welcomed by Dragons, and it was delighting to see that some of them even brought their spouse along! DragoNation’s mission to serve as a platform for synergies and idea exchange were fulfilled in the officiation dinner since it fostered interactions between old and young Dragons. We could foresee that strong bonding will be established among the Singapore Chapter and in other parts of the world.20151212_18383020151212_183836


Shelley Lee Lai Kuen, GBS, OBE, JP (Chinese: 李麗娟) is a former senior official in the Hong Kong Government. Lee retired in 2005 from the Hong Kong Government as the Permanent Secretary for Home Affairs, after a distinguished 34-year career in public service. Lee has made exemplary contributions to the development of Hong Kong and is well respected for her compassion towards those in difficulties.

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It was a big week in Singapore for DragoNation! Apart from the chapter officiation dinner, we have also visited some of the strategic partners like Enactus Singapore, Daughters for Tomorrow and Business China. These organizations share the common vision to provide a platform for active Chinese youths to interact with other like-minded peers from various institutions around the world.

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