DragoNation Reunion and our friend from Uganda

DragoNation Reunion and our friend from Uganda

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The founding president of DragoNation, Clive Lee (D100 2005), has found another youth exchange organization called GEILI.  Under the assistance from a bunch of dragon alumnus, GEILI successful hosted an international event, which invited outstanding social changers from 37 countries at early July. Chong-Ying Wang (D100 2005), Tina Cheung (D100 2007), Nive Yong (D100 2007) and Shar Cua (D100 2008) have also joined the event.

DragoNation has hosted a hotpot gathering to welcome them on the 17th July and celebrate the reunion with over 30 dragons from different years. MC Bigdeal, a friend of dragon from Uganda, has also joined the gathering and tried Chinese hot pot for his very first time.

Bigdeal is a GEILI fellow from Uganda who lost his parents since he was little and was raised up by himself. Now Bigdeal is a social changer who uses music to unite his community and promote peace and harmony among tribes. During his visit, he was impressed by the work of Dragon Foundation and DragoNation and would like to help promoting the Dragon network in his country. Only within a week after he returned home, he connect us with the Uganda Chinese embassy and hopefully there will be some new dragons from Uganda in the coming years.

reported by Kelvin Lai (D100 2011)

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