DragoNation Re-union @ London Birmingham

DragoNation Re-union @ London Birmingham

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DragoNations are now promoted in London by spreading the words in a few British Chinese organsations. Vivian, Met and Sindy joined the Bristish Chinese Society which is one of the largest Chinese Society in London. They organize monthly drinks as well as theatre and sports events. This is a good opportunity for new settlers in London to know other Chinese in the town. Sindy also met people from the Oriented. The organization holds regular happy hour events for international professionals with deep ties in Asia who a) speak at least two languages fluently, b) travel frequently across the Pacific, and c) can navigate between Asian and Western cultures with ease.

On 5th-10th July, Krizto Chan, internal Affairs Committee member, was in London after her internship in Slovankia. Alongside her travelling plans, she managed to meet Yibing Quek (Dragon 100 2011), Sindy Leung (Dragon 100 2010), Vivian Wong (Dragon 100 2010) and Chris Wong ( Dragon 100 2010). We met in a pub with authentic Thai cuisine and made us all homesick!

DragoNation Re-union @Birmingham

On the 14th July, Sarah Ng, the overseas Affairs committee, came over to Birmingham for her brother’s graduation ceremony. Sindy and Sarah met up in this second most popular city in UK. It was a nice catch up, time was too short though. Sarah and I become really good friends since we met in Dragons 2010. Participating in Dragons not only gave me the chance to know people around the world in that week, but also brings me some really good friends with similar vision and life goals. The bondings between dragons are so strong that we are like family members. This is what I didn’t expect before joining this network. I cannot measure how much impact Dragon had on me, but I would say it has changed my thoughts entirely and positively. I am so thankful to be a member of it and so I keep telling every Chinese I meet here to join us next year. There is quite a big DragoNation network in the United Kingdom and I will try to meet everybody here this year. The UK chapter is FUN!

reported by Sindy Leung (D100 2010)

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