DragoNation EXCO Election 2014/15: Call for Nominations

DragoNation EXCO Election 2014/15: Call for Nominations

Dear Dragons,

Time flies! With relations to DragoNation Constitution (http://goo.gl/GQyxWq), the pre-set election timeline has been passed due to the reschedule of the Dragon Foundation program. The service term of the DragoNation Executive Committee 2013/14 will come to an end in mid-October. Hence, the DragoNation Executive Committee 2014/15 election is now calling for nomination:

The election of DragoNation Executive Committee 2014/15 shall be taken place during our Annual General Meeting in the evening on 19 Oct 2014 (Sun). Details for the Annual General Meeting shall be announced later by working group. May we now invite all dragons, especially the candidates, to come and witness the birth of the new committee that is going to serve you in the coming year. Please be reminded that candidates who are absent from the Annual General Meeting is NOT qualified to be elected for Officer Bearers. However, they can still be appointed as non-elected Executive Committee members.

During the election of the executive committee meeting on 19 Oct 2014, 7 Office Bearers of DragoNation shall be elected:

Dragons who are interested to join the committee are required to deliver a 3 minute presentation during the Annual General Meeting on their visions and missions in serving the DragoNation Committee. All dragons are eligible to nominate candidates, to be nominated, to elect and to be elected.

Alternative to the leading positions as Office Bearers, interested dragons might also consider joining the Executive Committee for the following roles:

The above 6 positions shall be elected by the 7 Office Bearers in the first committee meeting after the election.

Hence, you are now cordially invited to join the incoming cabinet by submitting your application with nomination NO LATER THAN 27 Sept 2014 (Sat).

Should you have any question, you are than welcome to approach us by email at dragons@dragonation.hk.

Thank you.

Best Regards,
Election Committee, DragoNation

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