DragoNation committee 15/16 is now established!

DragoNation committee 15/16 is now established!


First and foremost, on behalf of DragoNation, I would like to thank you for showing your support in the past year 2014/15. The executive committee served the alumni association with a clear vision – Dragons Inspire dragons. The theme was about reconnection – reconnecting dragons across years and programs – Go Go West, Global Citizenship and Dragon 100 organized by the Dragon Foundation since 2000. DragoNation has reached a new height and transformed into a synergy platform. Please review the annual reports at our website:

To our 14/15 committee members, thank you for all the effort you have put in this year. I wish you all the very best for the years to come. Keep bearing our identity as “Dragons” with pride!

The Annual General meeting for the year 2015/16 was held on 9th August in Hong Kong, thank you for electing the new Executive Committee including myself.

President: Sindy Leung (D100-2010)
Vice-President: Nelson Lam (D100-2012), Anita Chan (D100-2013)
Treasurer: Chapin Chak (GC-2011)
Communications and Public Affairs Coordinator: Rex Lai (D100-2011)
Internal Affairs Secretariat: Lawrence Leung (GC-2011)
External Affairs Secretariat: Bird Tang (D100-2014)
International Affairs Secretariat: Tony Wong (D100-2013)
Committee Members: Gulliver Wong (D100-2012), Dennis Ngan (GC-2008), Yeelam Lee (GC-2008), Ian Hau (D100-2012), King To (D100-2011). Gigi Au-Yeung (D100-2014), Jennifer Chu (D100-2015)
I believe we have a very good and strong committee who as a team will make 2015/16 a very exciting year. This year we would like to expand the existing connection and form a Global Talent Network. Besides our bi-monthly themed diversity dinner, annual dinner and DragoNation Forum, we will continue our collaborations with different organizations. We hope this theme of the year will make DragoNation even better and stronger.

We are looking forward to seeing you soon in the next #Dragonconnect, #DragonInMotion, #MakeLittleBig event!

Best regards,
Sindy Leung
President, DragoNation 14/16

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