DragoNation Art-Jamming gathering

DragoNation Art-Jamming gathering

DragoNation hosted a leisure art-jamming gathering on the 23th June. Around 20 dragons joined and enjoyed the day. Many were surprised since they found their hidden talent among themselves. The paintings produced turned out to be unexpectedly professional and some can even be put on sales.  “Good job that I didn’t turn up at the end, if not I would definitely embarrass myself there!! hahaha!!!”  Kaylie Wong (D100 coordinator since 2006) signed after looking at their photos on facebook.

Moreover, Jiji Luk (GGW 2001) sponsored a few bottles of French wine for the gathering meanwhile show-offed her amazing skills in painting. She was happy to track back the feeling when she was living and studying art in France a decade ago.

Please do join our leisure gathering or even suggest to us on what kind of gathering you wish to join.

reported by Kelvin Lai (D100 2011)

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