Dragon Service Group — Elderly Home Office

Dragon Service Group — Elderly Home Office

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On 3rd Feb 2013, the DragoNation service group visited 2 elderly’s homes.

Chinese New year is always a festival of warm family gathering for Chinese people, yet many elders who live in the elderly’s home could not go out and enjoy the festival due to health or financial problems. Therefore the dragon service group visited the elderly’s homes, bringing happiness, freshness and care into the elderly’s homes.

The elders enjoyed the time spent with the dragons and were very interested in each of us, “You guys should come here more often and we can share our stories and and play Majoh with you guys” siad by an energetic 82 years old lady.

The Dragon Service Group includes, David Wong (D100 2012), Alex Fu (D100 2012), Kaylie Wong (D100 coordinator since 2006), Kelvin Lai (D100 2011), Natalie Sin (GC 2010), Emily Ha (D100 2012), Damon Wong (Friend of Dragon) and Jack Ng (Young Dragon program)

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