Dragon Members were invited to GEILI event

Dragon Members were invited to GEILI event

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On 27 January 2013, an event was hosted by GEILI (Global Exchange In Leadership Initiatives), an organization founded by one of our devoted Dragon, Clive Lee in Good Lab.

7 Dragons Cassidy (Dragon100 2011), Eric (Global Citizenship programme 2008), Kelvin (Dragon100 2011), Philip (Dragon100 2008), JiJi (Go Go West 2001), Kok Hwa (Dragon100 2007), Lawrence (Global Citizenship programme 2008) were invited as speakers to share about their path striving for their dream.
Kok-Hwa, who came to Hong Kong from Malaysia, and Lawrence were sharing their experiences regarding the entrepreneurship. Eric uses genetically modified fish to improve the environment. Cassidy goes for her dream by devoting herself in “Green Monday”.
You may find Jiji, Philip and Kelvin more familiar by name among the speakers. But, their sharing did make us know them much better. We were impressed by their lives full of exciting moments and great memory, which shaping the present them and guiding them to their forthcoming future.
It was a meaningful event promoting to share dream among the participants and cheering up those who would like to take a step further to go for their dream. At the beginning of the new year, may you set your new goal and have a prosperous future coming.

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