Dragon 100 2012

Dragon 100 2012

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Dragon 100 2012 is one of the most highlighted events of DragoNation annually. A hundred outstanding Chinese young people from 15 countries over 7 continents were selected to participate in this 8-day programme his year. Besides the activities, we went to Beijing and Tianjin to know more different developments, cultures, economic dynamics, city planning and focus areas of all three cities in China.

Hong Kong, which acts as the major financial centre and services city, had a blend of western and eastern cultures. Beijing, which is the capital city of China, has many historical infrastructures and governmental buildings. Tianjin, which is a newly and rapidly developing city, has been built into a major port for Northern China to drive fast economic development.

We hope to enable participants to learn about the different aspects of China through a comparison of different cities within China. As most participants were born overseas and some do not even know any Chinese, the programme is with great meaning to them as a start to know their root. We paid visits to different museums and companies such as Mr. Kong to learn about the production process of instant noodles.

During the programme, we also invited passionate participants to share their dreams, work and programmes to other participants as an advocation to involve more people in helping the people in need and making positive changes to the world. Moreover, we also include several discussion sessions for participants to reflect on the places their visited and the experience they gained. It was time for mutual learning and understanding.

We believe that Dragon 100 has successfully brought together different Dragons from around the world. Even we are in different countries, being united by DragoNation, the warm family, Dragons can help one another to achieve their dreams and create more possibility to this world, making this world into a more peaceful and friendly place. Dragon spirit continues to grow prosperously. We are so delighted to witness the size of Dragon family enlarges enormously every year!

reported by Sarah Ng (D100 2010)

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