Diversity Chamber – Timeless: Heritage and Culture

Diversity Chamber – Timeless: Heritage and Culture

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Coinciding with the 100th anniversary of The Helena May, we have arranged a short tour in the Club on 29 Oct to bring audiences an unforgettable legacy experience, followed with a noble dialogue made by a renowned inter-disciplinary artist Mr. Kingsley Ng, who was our Dragon alumni, at the Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre to disclose to us about Art and the experiential era.

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The Helena May, a club to promote the welfare of women and girls in Hong Kong and to offer an elegant accommodation and facilities for women of all nationalities, has its main building been declared as one of Hong Kong’s 114 declared monuments. To preserve the gracious heritage building, it is only open exclusively to its members and guests. Enjoying a private guided tour with the Dragons on the 100th birthday of this club should be special and meaningful.

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Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre provides an open, multi-directional space and facilities for local artists. It was restructured from a Grade I historic building originally called Cassels Block, a former barracks for married British officers and has had over 100 years of history.

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