Clinton Global Initiative University Conference 2012

Clinton Global Initiative University Conference 2012

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We all are inspired by the commitments of international students that we met in the conference.

In late March, led by Clive Lee, we were delighted to join in the annual CGIU making contribution to their commitment and service community. Not being limited to any of five themes namely as poverty, environment, education, human rights and public health, some have been indeed holding for sustainable projects crossing over the topics and with intention to bring along with social changes in the rest of the world, no matter of how big this piece of cake is. Right there, it was enjoyable to go to the people, learn their achievements and sharing, and laugh their sense of humor. You would never feel asleep especially when seeing how skillful of Joe Stewart gags in live. The weekend was dead fruitful by ending with the local community service with the rest of students. Definitely I would now admire what a comprehensive urban planning has been made to Hong Kong after the 4-block walking of carrying the old-fashioned, conventional 15” TV set from the elderly home – at least I swear not to buy the bulky furniture at home in the future.

The tiny weekend program does not only bring us new friends but it also contributes to our thoughts of different cultures. We could only read the books and listen the history class teacher narrating the facts happening in this world – but we could only know the real things on our own. History should only be vivid in context: applicable to own life and environment also.

Reported by Chapin Chak, GC 2011

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