DragonConnect with Yitao (D100-2011)

DragonConnect with Yitao (D100-2011)

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The first DragonConnect meeting was initiated by Zhang Yi Tao who was originally from Singapore and now studying in Stanford University in California . He set a theme for the meeting “Besides chit chat, I will also share on how I have boosted iOS social app weChat at Stanford University with my marketing ideas; and my initiative of OpenLectures inspired by my joining the 2011 Dragon 100 Programme.”


Even under short notice period, this event has successfully attracted more than 20 dragons to join. Yitao shared his experience in partnership with WeiBo, how to find an angel investor and more importantly how he markets the product. I believe the audience learnt a lot on how to inspire ideas and how to conduct a marketing plan. It is not a single way speech, the audience also shared their experiences on entrepreneurship.


Inspired from dragon 100 2011, Yi Tao is now operating an online multimedia classroom – the OpenLecture. The group hope to put up short, focused and easy to digest videos to explain concepts in economics and chemistry. It’s a free complement to the long, dry lectures students have to endure in school. Such free education is a good thing given the number of commercial private educators who attempt to make the most amount of money for a quality of education may be in no way better than what schools already delivered.

#DragoNation call for one of your own #DragonConnect event and have your dreams and experiences shared & make more friends worldwide!


Reported by Sindy Leung (D100-2010, Vice-President of DragoNation 2013/14)


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