2015 DragoNation Annual Dinner- Fascinating Shanghai Night

2015 DragoNation Annual Dinner- Fascinating Shanghai Night

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Over 70 Dragons went on time travel all the way back to 1930’s Shanghai!
Don’t get mad, they just joined the DragonNation 2015 Annual Dinner on 10 January, 2015. This year, the dinner was themed
“Fascinating Shanghai Night” and was held at King’s Choice, Wan Chai. All of them had a great fun.
The Dragons are grouped under different boundaries controlling Shanghai, and the dinner started with a serious of vigorous battle for different powers through the game of “The Buyer” (收買佬). The battle continued with the detective game to find out who is the “Betrayer”, where Dragons needed to post capture the nice pictures of the “Betrayer” Not only for power, Dragons also involved in money conflicts! This year, the lucky draw prizes involved real cash! Funny enough, Dragons didn’t want to be drawn, as this implied that they were not going to win the prize.
Lastly, the group photo taking signalled the end of the dinner.Want to join events full of laughter and smiles? Stay tuned to our new events on Facebook group and emails. See you later!
Reported by Arcturus Tam (D100-2014)

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