1st Diversity Chamber – Leading Changes

1st Diversity Chamber – Leading Changes

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The first Diversity Chamber was successfully held in the evening of 28th Oct 2015. We are glad to have 18 dragons visited the office of Mr Alvin LAM, Group CEO of PacificLink iMedia group and Managing Partner of T12M Ventures Ltd. Alvin is a well-known pioneer entrepreneur who expanded his company amid the storms of financial crisis, SARS and many other difficulties. In the chamber meeting, Alvin shared with the Dragons his valuable experience of leading changes in the company and the journey filled with ups and downs. It was a truly inspiring night with Alvin. Dragons enjoyed the event and gained insights from Alvin’s experience.


To cope with uncertainties in the fast-changing society Dragons are encouraged to stay positive and open-minded, grasp as many opportunities as we could and embrace challenges in life. Alvin agreed that the path towards success is inevitably fraught with uncertainties, challenges and feeling of loneliness,; yet when there is a will, there is a way. He encouraged Dragons to be brave and confident in their own abilities and to treasure the connection between each other so that little ideas can prosper and shine.

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Diversity Chamber aims at exposing Dragons to diverse fields of expertise and preparing them for being in motion, making little big, as well as harbouring Dragon-Connect in the big family. Seize the chance and join our coming Diversity Chamber to enrich your vision!!

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