Dragons on The Silk Road- Dragon100 (龍匯100) 2016

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This year of the Dragon 100 Programme- Dragons on The Silk Road was successfully completed in early August. Welcome our new Dragons! Exploring opportunities under China’s Belt and Road Initiative, our delegates have actively participated at at the Global Youth Entrepreneurs Forum in Shenzhen,visited sites of infrastructure and incubation Center and travelled to Xi’an, one of the oldest cities in China! Let’s have a quick recap on this amazing journey!

Our dragons have travelled to Xi’an, one of the oldest cities in China, spending 4 days to explore this starting point of the Silk Road and visit the Terracotta Army of Emperor Qin Shi Huang, while meeting passionate university students at Jiaotong University. Our delegates and coordinators all come from different parts of the world and they can’t wait to share with us their takeaway!

My experience as a coordinator D100 2016
By Lawrence Leung (GC 2011)
It was an amazing journey when I participated in Global Citizenship in 2011 as a student. Even more fruitful is that the bonding and friendship did not end with the 7 days trip. It was a great experience to re-join D100 as a coordinator and meet new Dragons in 2015. The passionate delegates were actively involved and very impressive.

So good that I immediately sign up for 2016 when I know I got the chance to do it again. This is definitely an unforgettable one. Even though we have the rare occasion of encountering a typhoon in the first few days of the trip, everyone worked diligently and effectively to make things really worked. Credits to Carrie and Kit, the amazing coordinators team and helpers. Delegates displayed much understanding to the situation and I could not appreciate more of that. An unexpected effect of being grounded in the hostel was a strong bonding and sense of belonging among the groups.

Not only did we have fun, but also gained a lot from each other: passion, ideas, and friendships, so on and forth. Back to reality, I really miss the “Dragon Spirit” and would encourage you to join s back in the coming yea!

Connection is the beauty of Dragon program

by Ada Chen (D100- 2016)

screen-shot-2016-11-13-at-11-10-14-amBeing a dragon of 2016 gave me an unforgettable experience during this summer, not only for fabulous connection, but also for everlasting friendship. It is such a wonderful feeling that you can make friends with people from different backgrounds and can still keep in touch with each other after finishing this program. Connection is the beauty of Dragon program. It helps to build up our friendship during this program and to keep this connection after this program.

I feel so grateful to be a part of Team 5. We are just like a big family with multiculturalism and diversity. We have dragons from different countries: China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia, and we are from different backgrounds: commerce, law, engineering, education, agriculture, bioengineering. It is the diversity that makes more possibility for mind collisions, which brings more fun to our Dragon journey. The bond of our connection will not fade away as time goes by, instead it will be extracted and polish to last forever.

Different parts made the programme incredible!

by Lisa Lam (D100-2016)
mmexport1470509240471I didn’t believe the power of participating in an 8-day programme until I joined D100. I went on an amazing journey with other delegates. Different parts made the programme incredible. We all came from different parts of the world. Yet, our passion gathered us. We were looking for innovative ideas to tackle the problems in the society. I gained a lot of valuable insights from the delegates as well as the alumni either through activities or sharing.

I would never forget about the typhoon days. What made it unforgettable was not the weather but the resilience of the committees and volunteers. Alumni from different fields were invited to spend their precious time to share with us their experiences. It went beyond what I have envisioned. I would like to take this chance to thank the Dragon Foundation and the Star Team for this awesome opportunity.

Above all, the trip has ended but not our connections. We all have the Dragon Spirit in blood. Move with the movers. I am looking forward to bringing changes to society and
meeting Dragons from all over the world.

Dragon 100 and my family

by Ailee (D100-2016)

“Congratulations, you have been selected as a delegate of the Dragon 100 2016 !” Having received this email from Dragon Foundation brighten up my days throughout the weeks. I have been looking forward to join the Dragon family as I’m keen to know people from different region/countries.

My cousins and sister have previously joined Dragon 100 and visited Shanghai, Taiwan & Tianjin. Listened to their stories and awesome experience on Dragon 100 keep me interested and prompt me to join Dragon 100 family.

This year Dragon 100-2016 visited Xian, a city with history of 3000 years. We attended sessions on Xi’an as the starting point of the Silk Road and visited to Terracotta Army of Emperor Qin Shi Huang. My most memorable experience is the cultural performances we had during our last night in Xian as we get to know culture from different countries.

We felt heavy toward end of the trip but we believe our connection doesn’t end after the trip, instead our whatapps/ wechat group still active when we are back to our home country. We cherish what we got during the trip especially the laughter! Thank you Dragon Nation for bring us together!

Dragon In Motion

Dragon 100 DragoNation AGM 2016


It’s our DragoNation AGM on 27th August, remarking a new page of new comittee for our organization. We are excited to see new Dragons mingle with older Dragons, making a fresh start of our year! Thanks for everyone witnessing our formation for the new cabinet! And let’s give a big applause to our committee 2015/6 for their past year’s contribution and leadership!

This year, our DragoNation core will lie on the power of CHANGE – to change for the better. We will continue to take the humble lead and professional pride to be the change we want to see, and maximize our influence around the globe where our Dragons reside! Stay tuned with our upcoming activities!

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 Diversity Chamber – Timeless: Heritage and Culture


Coinciding with the 100th anniversary of The Helena May, we have arranged a short tour in the Club on 29 Oct to bring audiences an unforgettable legacy experience, followed with a noble dialogue made by a renowned inter-disciplinary artist Mr. Kingsley Ng, who was our Dragon alumni, at the Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre to disclose to us about Art and the experiential era.

DragoNation- “Better World Organization”

14292478_10208528277258199_8070610224729021879_nDragoNation has recently been awarded by JCI Hong Kong and United Nations the “Better World Organization” for 2016-2017, in support of United Nations sustainable development goals, particularly on the global topics of “Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure” and “Partnerships for the Goals”.

Tony Ip awarded JCI The Ten Outstanding Young Persons Selection 2016

screen-shot-2016-11-12-at-12-11-26-pmOur dear Tony Ip (D100-2011), Deputy Director of Sustainable Design at Ronal Lu & Partners, won the Ten Outstanding Young Persons Selection 2016. He previously worked as an engineer. Having completed the master’s degree in architecture, he hopes to introduce foreign green buildings into Hong Kong. In facing the rarity of building floor areas in Hong Kong, he considers the general trend to be greening and optimising the public area.

He is committed to promoting environmentally friendly buildings in recent years. He was involved in the project of Zero Carbon Bay. He believes that green buildings can save the energy as well as reduce emission. More importantly, it can improve the quality of life.

Make Little Big

Workshops for Dream analysis and Yoga Nidra (夢境分析及減壓睡眠工作坊)

To connect the Dragons and promote stress reduction, Kit Shum,(D 100, 2015) will be teaching  us yoga sleeping techniques and dream analysis. Currently, Kit is an Expressive Arts Therapist-in- training, registered yoga teacher, Registered hypnotherapist, Master of Expressive Arts Therapy, Master of Behavioral Health and the Instructor in CUSCS and Open U Lipace.

  • Date: 3/12
  • Time: 3-5pm
  • Location: Loftstage in Diamond Hill
  • Please registered by send an email to Kit at Stephanie_skn@yahoo.com.hk