Our Dear President’s Fairy Tale Wedding

By Sarah Ng (D100-2010)

Our Dear President, Sindy Leung (D100-2010), had her fairy tale wedding on 17th October 2015 in Hong Kong. After nine years in a nurturing relationship with her husband Christopher Kwok, she has decided to tie the knot and enrich her life with a loving family of her own. We are very honoured to partake and witness the blooming love and tear-jerking moments at Sindy’s wedding. Dragons from all over the world have sent numerous greeting cards, messages, photos and videos to congratulate Sindy. In our secret meet ups around the world, Dragons sent their blessings and congratulations even they could not come to the wedding in person. With our covert plan to make the fairy tale story happen, Sindy was utterly surprised and moved, marking a highlight in her wedding.

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Sindy, being a passionate, determined, energetic and brilliant friend of mine and many Dragons, has been very enthusiastic to connect and synergize Dragons globally, making every dream become true. Having been a core office bearer of the DragoNation for 3 years, she hopes to continue cultivating DragoNation into an organization with great visions. She is also a dreamer with many goals in different aspects such as supporting Youth Education. Doubtless, she will continue to pursuit her dreams with her beloved ones and the Dragons family.

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Once again, heartfelt congratulations on your marriage, Sindy! May your bond last forever, your commitments deepen, your delights boost, and your love grow and prosper! I hope you rejoice in all the gratifications that togetherness brings in life and you will shine beautifully with each passing year!



Dragon of the Month

Khoo Eng Tat: Seeking a passion to direct your compass in life   

By Ng Hui Li, Phyllis (D100-2015)

Khoo Eng Tat (D100- 2011) shared that “A career is something that lasts a lifetime, not just for 3 years but at least for the next 30 years. Those who truly enjoy what they do will be constantly engaged with their interest to overcome challenges in the course of work. Application of knowledge is key way to success. This applies to any industry. ”

Co-founder of Aviation Virtual Pte Ltd, Eng Tat is a technopreneur in the field of immersive 3D, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR).  He completed his undergraduate studies and PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering from The National University of Singapore. However, Eng Tat is not just a typical engineer. He is outspoken, creative and passionate to apply his engineering knowledge in work and beyond. Seeing himself as an engineer, a researcher and a technopreneur, let’s see how he inspires us while wearing many hats.

Eng Tat started off his career in a US-based company specializing in virtual reality and interactive 3D where he developed himself as an expert to provide visualization for people to further understand Oil and Gas training. A few years later, he saw the opportunity to further apply his knowledge and decided start-up his own firm in virtual reality – “Aviation Virtual”.

Eng Tat’s start-up moved beyond games which are commonly associated with virtual reality, to providing virtual space for competency-based training crew chief and technicians especially on aviation maintenance. Aviation Virtual is funded by Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) Aviation Innovation Project grant to develop Aviation Maintenace Trainer (AMT) into a “gold standard” trainer with state-of-the-art immersive VR technology, hand-based gesture interactivity and a supporting Training Management System.

Aviation Virtual is one of the pioneers in providing training for ground crew and technicians in a virtual environment that allows them to achieve competencies, aside from the usual on-the-job training. Benefits include time and costs saving as compared to training on an actual plane.


An illustration of Aviation Virtual’s AMT in Immersive Virtual Reality Studio, an interactive VR system that provides user with a  1-1 actual scale stereoscopic 3D visual depth and spatial realism.

Besides aviation industry, Aviation Virtual is also working with Singapore Building and Construction Authority (BCA) to promote Building Modeling Information (BIM) 3D visualisation in various stages of architecture and construction projects. The company is providing 3D visualisation services to a few mega construction projects.

Funding is the key challenge that all startup companies face. Aviation Virtual received government grants and private investment based on its convincing business plan and technological innovation. Besides funding, another key component of his start-up is a solid team. His two other co-founders have over 30 years of experience in education, training and aviation industry.

Apart from work, he is also deeply involved in interactive arts which he sees as an intersection between technology, media and arts. As a casual musician and composer, he marries his proficiency in music with his expertise in engineering. One of his projects involved digitally reconstructing a guqin, an ancient Chinese instrument. He created a space where visitors can experience the guqin. They can interact with virtual strings with simple body movements. Subsequently, this piece of work was showcased in TINA, an Australia festival of new media and arts.


Eng Tat’s work on interactive body Guqin

Eng Tat remarks that it is “important to have hobbies and know what you are passionate about” as well. With a hobby in arts and a professional degree in engineering, Eng Tat has constantly conquered new frontiers as he attempted to explore “how engineering can be married with arts”. It was his hobbies which made him more passionate about engineering and inspired him to seek innovative applications of his knowledge.


Eng Tat combining his engineering knowledge with his passion for arts

As a parting shot, Eng Tat has three key messages for dragons, especially those who are engineering-trained. Firstly, it is important to speak to many people and share what you think. Taking part in Dragon 100 was a great platform to meet new people and share ideas. Secondly, take advantage of every opportunity that allows you to apply your knowledge to realise your ideas. Last but not least, remember to find your passion in life and pursue what you are passionate about.

If you would like to find out more about Eng Tat’s startup, please visit http://www.aviationvirtual.com.sg/

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Dragon In Motion

1st Diversity Chamber- Leading Changes

The first Diversity Chamber was successfully held in the evening of 28th Oct 2015. We are glad to have 18 dragons visited the office of Mr Alvin LAM, Group CEO of PacificLink iMedia group and Managing Partner of T12M Ventures Ltd. Alvin is a well-known pioneer entrepreneur who expanded his company amid the storms of financial crisis, SARS and many other difficulties. In the chamber meeting, Alvin shared with the Dragons his valuable experience of leading changes in the company and the journey filled with ups and downs. It was a truly inspiring night with Alvin. Dragons enjoyed the event and gained insights from Alvin’s experience.


To cope with uncertainties in the fast-changing society Dragons are encouraged to stay positive and open-minded, grasp as many opportunities as we could and embrace challenges in life. Alvin agreed that the path towards success is inevitably fraught with uncertainties, challenges and feeling of loneliness,; yet when there is a will, there is a way. He encouraged Dragons to be brave and confident in their own abilities and to treasure the connection between each other so that little ideas can prosper and shine.

DC_Leading Changes_Poster_2 IMG-20151029-WA0001

Diversity Chamber aims at exposing Dragons to diverse fields of expertise and preparing them for being in motion, making little big, as well as harbouring Dragon-Connect in the big family. Seize the chance and join our coming Diversity Chamber to enrich your vision!!


Bird Tang Awarded with Youth Service Recognition

by Bird Tang (D100-2014)

Bird Tang (D100-2014) was given the 2015 Hong Kong Youth Service Award in October.


Bird has been dedicating to youth development service for a dozen of years – he was a secondary school teacher; now he is the Executive Director of VolTra. He left his teaching job for a bigger vision: connecting volunteers globally, and help young people develop to be global citizens who care about social issues all around the planet and would take actions to change the world.

The Youth Service Award will be a milestone, marking Bird’s continuous contribution to youth development.




DragonConnect in Perth, Australia

by Helene Fung (D100-2012)

It’s been said that Perth, on the west coast of Australia, is one of the most isolated capital city in the world (e.g. getting to Sydney would require a 5 hour flight, same as to Singapore). Imagine my surprise to find out that, in addition to me, there are actually several more Dragon 100 alumni based here that I did not know about!

In October, I organised for Jasmine, Sandy, Stephanie and myself to meet over lunch in a café with a nice garden. And perhaps it should be no surprise – because Dragon attracts a certain type of people – we really hit it off!

I also completed a secret mission while we met: got them all to sign a card I made to congratulate DragoNation President Sindy on her wedding ;)

More future get-togethers are definitely called for!
151003 Perth Dragons


Oktoberfest @ Singapore!

by Bryan Sng (D100 2014)

SG Dragons had a gathering with Hk and China dragons to celebrate Oktoberfest at a popular bar called Paulaner at Clark Quay Singapore. It was a huge gathering as some of the dragons were in Singapore for a conference organized by Fung Foundation so there were also some Fung scholars who joined us. In addition, we had some friends who are interested in the Dragon Programme and they came to mingle to find out more from the existing dragons. It was indeed a fruitful and exciting night out, coupled with good food and company!



Make Little Big

Mentorship Programme

We are delighted to announce the launching of 2016 Mentorship Programme for the DragoNation in January 2016.

Selected Dragons will benefit from the pilot Mentorship Programme. The goal of the programme is to foster relationships between ‘Mentors’, who are recognised Industry Leaders, Directors of Dragon Foundation and Senior DragoNation members and Mentees,  who are at a critical juncture in their careers and in need of guidance on how to move forward or position themselves to better seize future opportunities.

Potential mentee candidates will go through a screening process by our Mentorship Committee. The programme will last for 6 months. Our target this year would be arranging seven mentor-mentee pairs. Seven Mentors will be chosen from the fields of Education, Technology/Startup, Green Living, Art, Law/Politics, Banking/Finance and Philanthropy / Community Affairs.

We cordially invite you to participate in this programme and apply to be a mentee.  It is an invaluable opportunity for aspiring members to enrich their individual learning and growth. The programme provides access to professional networking, independent and objective perspectives to help mentees enhance confidence and broaden their mind sets in pursuing their career direction and advancement.

The matching process will be undertaken by the Mentorship Committee based on indicated interests and goals of the mentees. The Mentorship Programme will commence in January 2016 for 6 months. We encourage active participation and commitment to the programme, which are essential to the success of a rewarding mentorship.

In many cases the mentor and mentee relationship will continue to prosper beyond the programme duration. Register at dragonation.hk/mentorship!


Make it Wheel

Christmas is all about love and sharing. Do you want to give out the best Christmas present ever?

VolTra and MakerBay are co-organizing a Hackathon this Christmas. Participants will start off by “rolling in their wheelchairs” – exploring the city in wheelchairs. Then they will work in teams and design products in 2 days, to build a barrier-free society.

Join us and we will have the most loving and meaningful Christmas together.

For details and application please visit: http://www.voltra.org/zh/【接受報名】make-it-wheel-工作坊/

Wheel Poster