DragoNews Jan 2018

In this 10th DN-3rd issue (a loooong one), you will find
1. Dragon in Motion & Sweet Moments
2. Dragon Connect (a-loooot of you!)
3. Dragon Welfare
Dragon Events (3 are coming up!)
Save the Dragon Datesss!!!
Find your faces & enjoy your reading till the end :)
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Your Editors of this issue: Bobo Ng, Gigi Auyeung
Internal Affairs Committee, DragoNation 2017/18
Dragons X Yidan Prize Summit
Dragons are honoured to be invited to attend and help out at the world’s largest education prize, the Yidan Prize’s Award Presentation Ceremony and Summit on Dec 10 and 11. A glamorous night having the Hong Kong Chief Executive Mrs. Carrie Lam being GoH, the two Prize Laureates, Dr. Charles Chen himself, and many more guests. Salute to Clive Lee (D2006) our great Founding President of DragoNation, and the Dragons who are now serving the meaningful Prize! Let’s “create a better world through education”

Dragons X Charity Movie Premiere
Enthusiastic Dragons supporting and enjoying at The Dragon Foundation’s “Home Again” Charity Gala Premiere.
Dragons X Our Hong Kong Foundation
Our Hong Kong Foundation, an influential think tank in Hong Kong who conducts research, studies and policy recommendations to strengthen relationships and extend collaboration opportunities. Led by our President Re Lai, a group of passionate Dragons were glad to meet with OHKF Senior Consultant Mr Thomas Tso (front row first right).
Dragons X Belt and Road
Led by our Past President Nelson Lam, Rex Lai (President) and William Yuen (International Development Secretary) were invited to represent DragoNation to attend the Silk Road Development Association’s 3rd year anniversary celebrations.
Dragons X Blood Donor
Number of blood donors has been persistently failing to meet the daily target of 1,100 people. The recent cold weather has even pushed it down to only 200-300 a day. President Rex Lai and our sub-committee Dragons Kate Yiu and Bamei Chang immediately teamed up to donate blood! Good job.

Dragon Sweet Moments

We are super happy to welcome our Dragon Baby- baby of Catherine Choi (D2007) and Patrick Lam (D2014)! Wishing this beautiful family happily ever after with health and blessing. <3
Do check out another baby of Catherine :D  https://www.facebook.com/sayvour

Dragon Sweet Moments
Congratulations to the newly wed: Malaysia Dragons Kim Hong (D2010) and Karyn! Many Dragons from overseas had especially flew to KL to attend this Big Day. Special thanks to Sam Cheung (GGW2001) for sending us the pictures. Our very best wishes to K&K for a lifetime of happiness. <3

Dragon Sweet Moments
Congratulations to our Sub-Committee Dragons Kevin Yu (D2017) and his beautiful wife Vivian who tied their knot in Dec! They are fortunate to share common interests, spend time fooling around, find a balance and meet at dawn and dusk. ( quoting from the romantic Kevin himself :P ) Our best wishes to this lovebirds. <3

#Dragon Connect

  1. Cambodia and China Dragons visiting Phnom Pehn and had a nice #DragonConnect.
  2. Cambodia Dragon Monypich Sou visiting HK. Thanks for being our Cambodia representative and supporting DN dea Monypich!
  3.  and 4.  HK Dragons Queenie Chung (GC2013) and Emily Yeung (D2016) + New Zealand Dragon Carmen Lim (D2017) visiting Singapore. Thanks SG Dragons for hosting them esp Bryan Sng for showing them around! #DragonConnect
  1. 19 Dragons met Shelley Lee, GBS, OBE, JP, Director of The Dragon Foundation in Singapore
  2. China Dragon Louis Li visiting Malaysia and had a nice #DragonConnect with our energetic Malaysia Dragons.
  3. and 4. US Dragon David Lin (D2007) visiting HK and Taiwan, welcome by the happy local Dragons.

  4. Taiwan delegates, Wilson Ko (D2014) and Flora Hsu (D2016) visited Hong Kong (again!), catching up with Past Presidents Clive Lee and Nelson Lam, amongst other Dragons!
  5. SG Dragon Leon Toh (D2015) visiting HK
  6. Dragons at HKFYG Organic Farm booth
  7. #DragonConnect in San Francisco Bay Area! Derek Tsoi (D2010), John Kim (D2016) David Lin (D2007), Tina Cheung (D2007, Chapter Representative, West Coast of US ), and Benjamin Lee (D2011).

  8. Hard-working DN Office Bearers meeting again and again for programs ahead in 2018!
  9. Grateful to have The Dragon Foundation Secretary-General Gary Tang and Past Presidents Clive Lee and Nelson Lam present for the 3rd DragoNation Executive Committee meeting. Surely we will have exciing 10th anniversary celebrations coming up.
[About Dragon Welfare 福氣龍]
Our committee source privileged offers as member benefits, and outreach to services or products that are in the best interest of you Dragons.
For those who wish to offer exclusive welfare to our fellow Dragons,
please reach our Treasurer Queenie Chung.  queenie@dragonation.hk :)
On 31 Dec, TEDxChaterRoad 2017 was held at Hong Kong City Hall.
One of the curators Daneil Cheung (D2012) had especially offered promo code
to 10 of our lucky dragons (HKD200 instead of HKD350!!)
while many Dragons actually took part in the organizing and paricipation.Photo source: https://www.facebook.com/pg/TEDxChaterRoad/
Event details: http://www.tedxchaterroad.com/Stay tuned on our FB and whatsapp groups to not missing our upcoming attractive welfare!

[Past Event-HK]
HK Dragons Xmas Party 匯龍坊 龍龍聖誕夜

Dragons celebrated in the Pre-Christmas Party with tons of laughter and fun on 9 De at PH3. Grateful to have oversea dragons, John Kim (Korea), Flora Hsu and Wilson Ko (Taiwan), to join the Hong Kong Dragons.

Present to you by PIC Wendy CHENG (D100-2017), Angie HO (D100-17), Kate YIU (GC-2013)


[Upcoming Event-HK] 
2nd Diversity Chamber – Chinese Culture Tour for Dragons

Date: 17 Mar 2018 (Saturday Morning)
Time: Gathering at 9:00am at Tai Po Market MTR station-Van 20B stop.
Visit starts sharp 10:00am -12:00nn
Venue: Tsz Shan Monastery (88 Universal Gate Rd, Tai Po)
Language: Cantonese
Fee: HK$50 (PayMe) /HK$52 (Paypal) – Proceed will be donated to Tsz Shan Monastery after subtracting necessary expenses.
Quota: 20 (First-paid-first-confirmed)

Registration: http://dragonationevent.weebly.com/
WhatsApp Group (For any inquiry, updates, photo sharing): https://chat.whatsapp.com/CN02JcIUwXa8VPM5Re7v9o

Present to you by Internal Affairs Committee, DragoNation 2017/18
Enquiry: Gigi Auyeung gigi@dragonation.hk

[Upcoming Event-Malaysia]
“Kuala Lumpur DN Chinese new year gathering”. 

Date: 3 Feb 2017 (Saturday)
Time: 7pm onwards
Venue: Kuala Lumpur
Contact Person: Nicholas Tan Check Foong
Contact Number: +60176898575


[Dragon Initiatives-HK] 
(Chinese Version Only)
義遊 — VolTra Go
Project of Bird Tang Wai Wing (D2014)
獎品: 冠軍隊伍再獲義遊全年證,並設亞、季軍 (總值$44,000!!)
日期:2018 年 2 月 3 日(六)
時間:下午 2 時-5 時
集合時間:下午 1 時 30 分
集合地點:創新中心(九龍塘達之路 72 號;港鐵九龍塘站 C2 出口)
收費:個人 HK$150(反應踴躍,現只餘少量個人名額!)
參賽人數:3 人一隊(如以個人報名,隊員將於活動當天由義遊分配)
報名: goo.gl/RZq2Mv
截止報名:2018 年 1 月 20 日(六)23:59

Save the Dragon Datesss!!!

  • Feb 3HKFYG Neighbourhood first Punchoi Service
  • Feb 9 DragoNation x FungScholars x SEYSA night
  • Feb 10 UNESCOHK Peacemakers
  • Mar 3 Global Mentorship Kick-off + Spring Reception
  • Mar 17 Diversity Chamber of Tsz Shan Monastery
  • Mar 28 HKFYG Acapella charity service
  • May 26-27 DragoNation 10th Anniversary Celebration!