DragoNation Reunion with Ms. Shelley Lee in Singapore

By Sindy Leung (D100-2010)

We have a big Dragon family in Singapore! We’re touched to see Dragons from year 2004-2015 in this occasion. The Singapore chapter is now officially kicked off by our founding director Ms. Shelley Lee.


On 12 December 2015, the DragNation Singapore Chapter has organised a reunion dinner in Chatter box of Mandarin Orchard Hotel. This was the first and foremost official trip for the Dragon Foundation to visit our overseas Dragons! A record number of 30 Dragons were in attendance. Dragons had the chance to meet our founding director of the Dragon Foundation, Ms. Shelley Lee Lai Kuen, GBS, OBE, JP, as well as renewing old acquaintances.  It was also an opportunity to introduce our Chapter representatives, Mr. Bryan Sng (D100-2014) and Mr. Leon Toh (D100-2015).

Ms. Sindy Leung, the President of DragoNation 2014-2016, flew from Hong Kong to host this momentous event and gave a speech to kick off the officiation.

“Thank you to all attending this event out of your busy schedule in December. It’s a wonderful feeling to be able to meet old friends and program-mates again especially outside Hong Kong”. She then introduced a very important person – Ms. Shelley Lee who founded this program and hence we were there to re-unite. Shelley expressed her excitement noticing that a record-breaking attendance had been achieved at the reunion dinner, “It is extremely rewarding to meet with our alumni and get to hear their professional journeys, achievements and experiences”.

The Dragons in attendance came from a broad range of programs and years – the most senior participant was Ms. Janet Siu (GC-2004), while there were also 6 fresh joiners from Dragon 100 2015. Many of them expressed their pride participating in Dragon 100 and had taken active steps to spread the word about the program on social media and in international networks. “China, in the recent years, is encouraging its talents to flourish in the entrepreneurial area, therefore, the Dragon 100 program provides a wonderful platform for us to benefit from the extensive networks and experience, as well as to bring countries closer through business”, agreed by most of the Dragons. Both Leon and Bryan, as well as first Dragon of the Month from Singapore Mr. Eng Tat Khoo, were acknowledged for their enthusiasm promoting our programmes to various parties. The dinner was so welcomed by Dragons, and it was delighting to see that some of them even brought their spouse along! DragoNation’s mission to serve as a platform for synergies and idea exchange were fulfilled in the officiation dinner since it fostered interactions between old and young Dragons. We could foresee that strong bonding will be established among the Singapore Chapter and in other parts of the world.



Shelley Lee Lai Kuen, GBS, OBE, JP (Chinese: 李麗娟) is a former senior official in the Hong Kong Government. Lee retired in 2005 from the Hong Kong Government as the Permanent Secretary for Home Affairs, after a distinguished 34-year career in public service. Lee has made exemplary contributions to the development of Hong Kong and is well respected for her compassion towards those in difficulties.

More detailed profile can be found:


It was a big week in Singapore for DragoNation! Apart from the chapter officiation dinner, we have also visited some of the strategic partners like Enactus Singapore, Daughters for Tomorrow and Business China. These organizations share the common vision to provide a platform for active Chinese youths to interact with other like-minded peers from various institutions around the world.

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Dragon of the Month

Simon and Steven Huang – Connecting the World with Smart Tech

by Andrew Shirman (D100-2015)

Simon Huang (D100-2013) and Steven Huang (D100-2014) are two ambitious brothers who have gone from east to west and back again launching a successful startup – Xberts. Through their company, now two years old, they are helping up and coming Chinese smart tech brands find their markets in the United States and beyond, while connecting them with excellent mentors along the way.


Before starting the National Science Foundation Fellowship Program at Berkeley that would ultimately change the direction of their lives, Simon and Steven were already on strong paths towards success. Prior to leaving for Berkeley, Simon had served as the Executive Director for the ECSEL Accelerator for Social Venture, while Steven had worked in business development for Google.

Everything changed for them in Berkeley though, when they came under the mentorship of Steve Blank, a world-famous entrepreneur. Steve pushed them out of their comfort zone, challenged their assumptions, and made them go out into the world to test the validity of their business ideas with the customers they wanted to gain. Week in, week out, they pivoted their ideas and gained perspective on the market.

While they first set out with the idea of creating a new network that combined the content of Wikipedia with the quick, fun nature of Twitter, they soon realized this didn’t play to their strengths. They chose to pivot, and instead focus on leveraging the networks they had developed to bridge the gap between Silicon Valley and Mainland China. Seeing that a lot of Chinese hardware startups wanted to launch over Kickstarter in the U.S., but didn’t have the connections they needed to be successful, the idea for Xberts was formed.


Right from the start, Xberts found success for their partners. One of the most noteworthy was Sengled, a smart LED lighting company that they took from having no recognition at all in the U.S. to being a sustainable business with three offices across the country. To date, they’ve worked with over 200 brands, and have 13 products that debuted in this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Xberts is now a full solution company that connects their smart tech brands with global distribution partners, product reviewers, industry-focused mentors, and solution providers.

When looking back on their experience as Dragons, already several years behind them, they still have great memories, and strong impressions that the program left with them. For Steven, it was one of the first times he was thrown into a situation where he needed to give a speech in English, or dance on a stage. The support he received there, and the friends he made, have stayed with him since.

For Simon, he soaked in the great words of all the speakers he was able to listen to over the course of the event. He also couldn’t believe how international the group of friends he made was, and how he now has a friend and a home in a dozen countries across the world.

When looking at the future, Simon and Steven know they still have great challenges to face, but the goals they’ve achieved so far, and the excitement they have to achieve their goals pushes them forward on their paths towards success.


Dragon In Motion

2nd Diversity Chamber- Redesigning lifestyle

by Chloe Chen (GC-2011)

On January 10th 2016, more than 20 dragons visited a lifestyle experience concept store, the Contact Store in Science Park. The Contact Store is a lifestyle experience concept store showcasing the themes of “Taste. Live. Travel”. Connie Lee, founder of the Contact Store and Contact Design, also winner of the Hong Kong Young Design Talent Award, shared with us the concept of user-centered design, with the showcase of their new innovative product the Precious Tea Can. The other founder Mazing Lee shared the story of her career moves, how designs are integrated into different aspects of life. She also talked about the variety of service provided to customers, including user research and analysis, concept generations, prototyping and product pilot production. Dragons also got a chance to ride designer bicycles in Science Park.

IMG_5052 IMG_5053

This Diversity Chamber was both fun and enriching. Through the sharing, we gained more understanding on the design industry. Design is an integral part of daily life. That is why Connie and Mazing set the themes as “Taste. Live. Travel”. It was also enjoyable cycling on designer bicycles.


Happy Chinese New Year! Neighbour Number 1 Pun Choy Dinner

by Sindy Leung (D100-2010)

IMG_1280 IMG_1203
This is the third year DragoNation supporting HKFYG Neighbour number 1 Pun Choy annual new year dinner. This is a meaningful event to build closer relationship with the neighbourhood in 18 areas in Hong Kong. No matter how cold this is, we are warm at heart seeing the beautiful smile on the faces of the seniors. At the same time we sent our best regards to Stanley To, secretariat of the Dragon Foundation, who is going to retire soon. We wish him all the best and enjoy his retirement life! You will be missed, Stanley!




by Wilson Kurt (D100-2014) 柯猷瑞

我與故事的主人公Patrick Lim 藍柏齡和 Catherine Choi 蔡詠琦相識于2014年的Dragon 100。活動結束后其實見面機會不多。2015年末他們來台灣跨年,同是Drangon的David剛好在台灣,聚會期間Patrick私下告訴我此行最大目的是在跨年時跟Catherine求婚,他已準備好求婚戒指,請我提供協助。

Firework 101

尋找合適的地點和準備道具都不容易,求婚前的籌備我們是謹慎又緊張。按照計劃,11:30 p.m時Patrick上台唱了一首「愛是永恆」醞釀氣氛,我上台介紹 Patrick & Catherine後麥克風交還給一直有幾句話想說的Patrick。

Patrick堅定且大方地走上台去,說心裡有最重要的幾句話想對Catherine說,主持人在旁邊樂得瞎起哄。當Patrick單膝跪下求婚時,氣氛既熱烈又浪漫。Catherine說 Yes之後他們還來了個熱吻!Proposal



香港、台灣,彼此一直是熟悉卻又陌生的地方。 熟悉的是,從小都看著對方的流行歌、影劇和電影長大,聽聞彼此知名的明星和政治人物。陌生的是,彼此卻又有著截然不同的文化和環境,如非真的在當地生活過一段時間,實在不易感受到對方發展的歷程和真正的差異。或許,因為彼此在對方身上看到自己沒有的東西,而互相吸引吧 !!



Dragons celebrate the New Year in Korea

by Dr. Henry Tsang (D100-2011)

Seoul, Korea – On January 3, a Dragon Reunion was held in Seoul to ring in the start of 2016. The meetup gathered delegates from different years and countries including Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea and Canada. The dinner was held at the renown Sanchon restaurant, a traditional Korean buddhist venue in the bustling area of Insadong, that serves vegetarian delicacies alongside colourful dance and instrumental performances. Dragons also joined in the fun, dressing up in festive costumes, while dancing and playing percussions to the rhythms of Samulnori. What a great way to celebrate the new year, by meeting old and new friends, and experiencing new cultures.

buddhist meal Korean Dance

Dragon Reunion in Sydney

by Arthur Lau (D100-2013)

Sydneysiders Steven Bai (D100-2015), Jordan Hui (D100-2013) and Arthur Lau (D100-2013) recently welcomed newlyweds Sindy Leung (D100-2010) and Christopher Kwok, who passed through Sydney during their Australian honeymoon adventure.

After a delightful meal at Pancakes on the Rocks, we wandered around some of Sydney’s iconic tourist spots, including the Opera House, Circular Quay and Pitt St Mall.

The gathering was a fun catch up with old and new friends. We hope Sindy and Chris enjoyed their stay in Australia and wish them all the best.


Dragon Union in Malaysia

by Kok Hwa Lau (D100-2007)
DragoNation Malaysia chapter is glad to welcome Kuo Che Yu (D100-2015), a Taiwan delegate who were visiting Kuala Lumpur for an investment training. While we originally planned to have our dinner at Murni SS2, a local restaurant famous for various unique local delicacies, unfortunately that they were not opened for business. We then moved to a nearby eating spot that is famous for serving “Nasi Lemak”, a Malay fragrant rice dish cooked in coconut milk and pandan leaf. Another uniqueness of this place is that the tables are at the back alley between 2 row of shoplots.
Other than Dragons in Kuala Lumpur, we also met a few Taiwanese friends who are interested to apply for Dragon 100 2016. It was a night full with laughter and good food !