Dragon of the Month

by Lawrence Leung (GC-2011)

Our dear Clive Lee (D100-2005), Founding President of DragoNation, has now entered his tenth year as a Dragon. During this period he has been avid of contributing to society and founded the initiatives of Envision Hong Kong and Geili. He is now the COO of a philanthropic foundation. DragoNews was honoured to have the opportunity to interview him about his life as a veteran Dragon.

Clive joined Dragon 100 in 2006

Clive joined Dragon 100 2005 after receiving the Trainee of the Year Award from the Hong Kong Institute of Engineers. He was selected to receive VIPs, officials and diplomats in Dragon 100 opening ceremony, where he met social leaders who have changed his perspectives of viewing life. As the Dragon 100 programme progressed, it successfully inherits traditions and practices of Dragons with the active involvement of alumni in returning to Dragon 100 and generating ideas for the programme.

Up to date, a wide array of new elements has been introduced by Dragon alumni one after another. For instances, the cultural night in 2006, the social impact forum in 2008, the Idea Marketplace in 2011, and the pitching in 2014. The continual inclusion of these elements has contributed to the improvement of the Dragon 100 programme.

Clive as coordinator in D100 2010

The Dragon community is so special to Clive because of the people in it. He stated that there is a sense of belonging among the alumni in DragoNation, even though they joined the programme in different years and orignate from diverse cultures and backgrounds. Our Dragons, therefore, embrace not only similarities, but also differences. Another component which is unique to him is the Dragon way of solving conflicts. He expressed that in some situations, people tend to cover up a problem when they encounter one, yet the Dragon way is to confront the issue, dig it up for discussion and find the root of it. At the end of the day, these problems are caused merely by differences in social norms and identity. Being observant to such definitely helps us resolve conflicts and train to be real Global Citizens.


What motivated Clive to return to the programme with honor and serve as a coordinator for 9 consecutive years? Clive was thankful that the Dragon Programmes has provided a global perspective for him in viewing things. He decided to come back and pass on his gains to new Dragons as a coordinator. The Dragons, as ethnic Chinese, are contributing a lot to different fields, thus making impacts across the globe. According to Clive, it has always been a pleasure for him to meet Dragons from different origins, as well as the pleasant surprise against our usual perceptions. Some overseas Dragons live closely by the Chinese traditions, while some mainland Chinese are unexpectedly more talkative and open to new ideas. He was also delighted to see many overseas Chinese being proud of their ethnic identity. The differences in value, attitude and lifestyle are intriguing to observe. Clive encouraged us to get out from our comfort zone and to learn of those differences.

Each year the Dragons endeavour to maintain connections with the fellows, by organising a series of activities. In 2007, Phoenix and Man Yin gathered some of our Dragons to join the Dragon Boat Race and the Heifer Run. The trip to London, in addition, successfully reunited many Dragons. Thanks to the London trip, Vickie, Jiji, Maggie and Clive took advantage of the momentum and organised a dinner for the Dragons. DragonNation was then established and Clive was elected as the first President.

Clive celebrated the long-term relationships and the shared vision in the extensive network of DragoNation. Everyone was fully engaged to make a difference to our society, and after the programmes so many of us are taking initiatives in our own country and internationally. To further utilise the network of Dragons from different fields and cultures, Clive called upon us to adopt a make-little-big mentality for the next step, a mindset of coordinating and integrating Dragons’ identities, initiatives, and external resources to create better synergy. It can be described as an inside-out approach.

Envision HKGeili
Clive founded Envision Hong Kong and Geili

In our mind, we can build on our problem-driven, help-each-other spirit and take it to a higher level. DragoNation would become a pool of talents where we contribute our abilities to and create change-making initiatives. In our actions we take our best to approach other Dragons, in recognition of the fact that everyone can contribute to the prosperity of the association. In extension, every one of us can influence others by being Ambassadors of Dragons, introducing the programme and actively sharing our experience in our own country. The biggest asset of Dragon has always been our members with high caliber, especially after our rigorous selection.

In his years of being an active Dragon, Clive appreciated the Dragon Foundation for opening “the window to the world” for him. The journey led him to befriend like-minded people and get inspired for aspects of life. To him, the experiences in DragoNation, Envision Hong Kong and Geili have been truly amazing. Through all these, our young engineer has morphed into a social sector specialist.

Dragon 100-2015

Clive was excited to have reached his 10-year milestone. At the end of our interview he announced that he is gradually stepping down from his role, though he would still dedicate some of his time to organising reunion trips and programmes. “Let our friendship continue and create synergy for further social changes,” he aspired. In February 2016, he will appear in the TED talk in Vancouver, followed by another journey around the world. While Clive hoped to see you in his future trips, we are going to miss him! Thank you, Clive, for the years of dedication to the Dragons and good luck for your future endeavours!

around the world
Clive has traveled around the world twice already

Dragon 100-2015

Henry Tsang (D100-2011):

This year of the Dragon 100 Programme was successfully completed in early August. Welcome our new Dragons! Our delegates and coordinators can’t wait to share with us their takeaway.

I participated in D100 in 2011 while I was a practicing architect in Japan. That year, one of the most memorable D100 events in Taiwan is that we performed an epic 100-person dragon dance in front of thousands of people. We practiced hard in the scorching summer heat of Taipei, sometimes frustrated, whined a lot, but in the end nailed it like a rockstar.

This year, with D100-2015, I decided to sign up as a Coordinator and I’d say it was amazing! In fact, I would even say that it was probably the BEST DRAGON 100 EVER. This year, 3 things in particular make the trip incredible. Firstly, the passionate delegates. The delegates were actively involved and motivated. The new vetting process looks beyond academics and evaluates the participants’ vision through projects, and that may have made a difference.

Secondly, the inspiration. This year’s program revolved on the theme of Innovation & Entrepreneurship, with activities well-interconnected. Hence, participants have gained a lot of valuable insights and experience from the programme.

Finally, the all-star team. We had a great group of critical leaders who genuinely want to make a difference. Experienced staff and veteran coordinators united like the Avengers from all over the world, and I could not have imagined a better roster, credit to SuperMabel.

Adding to this, the exceptional support from volunteers and Dragon alumni, there was a level of enthusiasm, or the overwhelming “Dragon Spirit”! The stars were perfectly aligned this year and this year’s Dragon 100 program will definitely be the one to beat!

As a coordinator, with the hectic schedules – the staff meetings, the shepherding, the energy drinks, the night activities. It was even tougher this time around. But alas, the hardship is what makes it a story worth telling and I’m proud to say that I survived Dragon once again! Now it’s back to reality and I missed the trip tremendously. Something in me missed the crazy schedules, the muggy weather, the big greasy meals, the smelly polo shirts and of course the friends, and all the laughter.



Everybody likes Henry

Yit Ling (D100-2010):

It has been amazing experiences having being a delegate back then in 2010 for the Dragon 100 Forum. The tight bonding and friendship that we have established during the program did not end just then.

Cross countries visitations, warm-hearted messages on postcards across the globe, seasonal and birthday greetings, words of encouragement through different stages of life has truly been the greatest unquantifiable assets that Dragon 100 have given to us.


Re-joining the Dragon 100 this year as a coordinator has been an incredible experience, having the opportunities to work the officials and our fellow dragons across the world. It feels great to re-connect with the family again after years and I’d strongly encourage our fellow dragons to consider so if your schedule allows!

Yit Ling (Left) with D100 2015 Group 3


The end of the Dragon 100 program is the beginning of the DragoNation Journey!
– Keep up the Dragon Spirit – 

Kim (D100-2010):

Yit Ling and I were back in the Dragon100 forum, albeit that we carry a slightly different identity this time. Both of us were delegates of D100 2010, who enjoyed the program so much that we decided to volunteer as coordinators this year. Never did I expect that this experience would be equally fulfilling and I am glad to be part of this forum.


The theme of this year’s forum was “Innovation & Entrepreneurship”. I was blessed with the opportunity to meet inspiring and vibrant individuals from different career and cultural backgrounds, all equipped with exciting ideas to make a difference in the community. This had opened my eyes to the impact which youth entrepreneurs can contribute to the world.

D100 2015 Image 1Good ideas require great support to materialize. China provides substantial support in the form of incubators as platforms for budding entrepreneurs to develop, pitch and make their business idea a reality, as showcased in the success of Global Youth Entrepreneurs Forum and Shenzhen QianHai Incubator.

I would like to thank the Dragon Foundation for the opportunity to be part of the coordinator team in D100 2015. I am especially grateful to Stanley, Mabel, Amy and fellow coordinators who guided us at unexpected circumstances throughout the program. Last but not least, a big shout out to our adorable Group 3 members and other delegates who inspired me to be better!

D100 2015 Image 5


Jessica Lee (D100-2015):

It is often rare to find people whom you have much in common with, rarer still for this group of like-minded people to embark on a trip collectively. But that was exactly what Dragon 100 set out to do, and the result was a learning journey above and beyond what I envisioned.

11807113_10153675454524994_3346645486918452327_o Jessica (Left 2) in the Global Youth Entrepreneurs Forum, part of the D100 Programme this year.

If there is one most valuable takeaway I had, it was this – my fellow Dragon 100 participants. We all hailed from different parts of the world, but had a common goal: to pursue our passion, and hopefully with our youthful exuberance and courage, do some good to the world. Some of us were entrepreneurs; some were aspiring to be one. Some dedicated themselves to improving the lives of others, and shared how these communities in turn changed them in indelible ways. The conversations I had with these friends ranged from education to poverty, from entrepreneurship to governance. Not only were they inspirational and educational, they enabled us to share our experiences and knowledge with one another, and these were priceless.


Of course, we had fun (apart from the morning calls that is). Long bus rides allowed for some rather humorous conversations (and naps), the end of the day’s program signaled the start of our night out exploring the cities, and all these activities were memorable in their own ways.

A dragon is a legendary mythical creature, believed not to exist (you never know). In my opinion, our circle of Dragon-hood might give the actual dragon, if ever found, a run for its money.

Vicky Kung (D100-2015):

Norm would say coaches exist to transport people, meals exist to fill the stomach and forums exist to spark conversations. But I would say at Dragon 100, in-depth one-on-one exchange happens (mainly) on coach rides, stripped of all fancy pants. Group interaction arrows heart shots (mainly) at dinner tables, stuffed with different points of views. Forums are inspiring, but personally, my biggest takeaway from this trip is peer learning.

What is leadership? This question set the table as some delegates and I had lunch at a Chinese restaurant in Guangzhou. I began with pooling a few concepts into our idea potluck – capability, morality, humanity. I believe a leader has to be intellectually vigorous, a person rooted in principles but can also see through schemes of men and a human being who knows how to interact well with and bring together other human beings under a vision to fulfill a mission. I had a few ideas but I could not really define leadership.


Vicky asking a question in the
Global Youth Entrepreneurs Forum

Then came a few more concepts from other delegates. Leadership is about amassing and redistributing resources in a fairer and better way. Would you prefer to have a lion ruling over a flock of sheep or a sheep ruling over a pride of lions? In order to lead, you have to first equip yourself and then equip others so they can also lead. It was lively exchange. If one asks me the same question again, I would present this metaphor:

A leader is a sheep clad in both lion and wolf skins. It leads prides of lions, packs of wolves and flocks of sheep under the vision of distributing food and allocating shelter to all animals in the best possible way. To achieve this vision, the leading sheep’s first mission is to help groom other sheep in its society because society is too big for a one-sheep band to tend to.

What’s your take? Drop me a note at vicky.kung@gmail.com!

The Chief Editor was also a coordinator this year but doesn’t he can say it better than the above. So let’s have a pictorial look of this journey.

11028350_10153675435299994_5355618904369935590_o 11224495_10152927623331073_218511505035706192_o 11872110_1105212106174423_2894497021694325254_o 11875082_10152940380551073_2391999241636671562_o 11875104_10152936650916073_6310385987156839487_o 11896431_10152945369081073_7226033380546168601_o

Annual General Meeting

by Jen Chu (D100-2015)

On 9th Aug, 2015, our Dragons gathered again for the DragoNation 2015 Annual General Meeting & Inaugural lunch. As always, we are excited to see new Dragons mingle with older Dragons, making a fresh start of our year! Just after the 8-days Dragon 100 Program, new 2015 Dragons from 13 countries worldwide joined our big family and spent a happy afternoon together before their departure on the same day.

Kicking off by our President – Sindy Leung and the new 2015 DragoNation committees, the three key themes are reinforced: 1) DragonConnect, 2)DragonInMotion and 3)MakeLittleBig. DragonConnect aims to connect all worldwide Dragon alumni and transform into one pool of leaders and experts – a Global Talent Network. Through DragonInMotion, every Dragon is expected to make use of their skills and passion – through recognizing their special identities as Dragons and making contribution in their own communities, and hence synergizing their actions for the good of the global community -MakeLittleBig.

Upholding the spirit of ‘Dragons inspire Dragons’, this year a new mentorship program – Mentor Connect will be launched. New Dragons will be given a chance to meet senior executives and experienced Dragons. We all look forward to experiencing a year-round of learning. Other events including DragoNation Day, bi-monthly Diversity Chamber and Chapter Dragon events are on the track! Keep an eye on us for more exciting upcoming events!

Dragon Connect

Congratulations! And Congratulations! And Congratulations Again!

by Lawrence Leung (GC-2015)

Bruce Cheng (D100 2007), a professor of sport science, got married and Dragons gathered in Taiwan to give their blessings. Sau Wai (D100 2007), having been friends with Bruce since Dragon 100, flew all the way from Hong Kong to join the celebration. He also met Chun Liang (D100 2007), another old Dragon friend in Taiwan. Friendships really last among the Dragons! DragoNation also gives our special congratulations to Sau Wai and Chun Leung, whose lovely princesses were born on 21 Feb and 19 Feb respectively. They are now busy taking care of their young princess.

Sau Wai also met Armstrong (GC 2007), who is now responsible for the bus operation in Taipei area, and had a great time in Taichung and share their initiatives. We miss you Armstrong and link up more Dragons please!

Sau Wai & Bruce Cheng D2007
Armstrong (Left) and Sau Wai (Right)

Chun Leung D2007 & Si Ka D2011
Congratulations to Si Ka (D100-2009, Left) & Chun Liang (Centre) for their lovely daughter

SW SK CL Bruce
Chun Leung, Bruce Cheng (Right 2) and Sau Wai have been good friends since D100 2007

Chengdu Gathering

by Yan WenJing (D100 2013)

Dragons are gathering in Chengdu. Although we joined D100 in different years, we stay close to each other like a family. Starting with the funny stories in the Programme, we had a long chat about our plans for the future, books, journeys, love, friendships, and even how to take a perfect selfie! Our curiosity in the world, devotion in self exploration and search for fellow travellers have connected us from around the world. This is the magic of Dragon.

IMG_2380 (2)IMG_2277

Make Little Big

Job Opening at McKinsey BTO Asia 
by Harrison Lung (D100-2005)

McKinsey & Company is currently seeking consultants for our Business Technology Office in Asia. We are looking for candidates with:
– Extensive business transformation and IT experience. At least 4 years technology management or technology consulting experience. Deep expertise in key industries, such as banking & insurance, high-tech, telecom, utility, and transport & logistics
– Strong problem-solving and analytical skills
– Demonstrated ability to communicate well and lead teams to deliver successful outcomes
– Exceptional academic results
Cities with open positions: Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo, Seoul, India and Australia

Contact me at:Harrison_lung@mckinsey.comLinkedIn

Dragon In Motion

Diversity Chamber

by Lawrence Leung (GC-2011)

This year we would have Diversity Chamber, a new series of event that brings together prestigious social leaders and Dragons eager for a high-level conversation with them. We hope that participants would translate their gains into actions and try to make an impact on society.

The first Chamber would be open on 28th Oct, 2015, when a small group of Dragons would join a sharing and deep talk on the theme “Leading Changes”.

Our guest would be Mr. Alvin Lam, an entrepreneur who operates seven ICT companies with 200 staff in the greater China region. Since its inception, PacificLink iMedia Group has established itself as an award-winning digital agency with a clientele of top-tier brands.

Stay tuned and registered early!